Capital trails

Why London shouldn’t be ignored as the perfect trail running adventure base


London is full of running groups. From Run Dem Crew to London Brunch Club - if you want to run the streets, your options are excellent. But if you want to escape the city and find the trails, how do you do that and where would you go?

Chris Bradley might have the answer. Having grown up in a tiny village in Somerset where there was just one bus every two weeks and more cows than people, moving to London was very different and quite claustrophobic. 

Six years of exploring later and armed with an extensive list of trail destinations he founded Runaway Adventures, which offer simple, scenic guided trail runs within an hour of central London. 

Chris says: “As a starting point, you just have to look at the options public transport gives you. There are hundreds of train stations you can travel to within an hour of London, that get you both outside the M25 and straight into the heart of the countryside.

“The recipe is simple: we choose the destination, map a GPS route, make sure it finishes at a decent pub or cafe, hope the weather is good and off we go."

Runaway Adventures often use local guides to help seek out the best routes and take groups of up to 25 runners out on the trails for social runs a least twice a month.

Destinations include the Chiltern and Surrey hills, but that is just the beginning. Take a look at some of Chris’s favourite adventures below, and why not join them on their next run