Polar data shows average run is 4.5 miles

Worldwide data from Polar revealed that Brits run an average of 7.3km (4.5 miles) during training and an average running session lasts 47 minutes.

The stats, gathered between April 2017 and March 2018, also showed that Brits are rapid runners and averaged a pace of 6:47 min/km compared to the global figure of 6:58 min/km.

The most popular running times varied from weekdays to weekends with Brits favouring a run after work at 6pm on weekdays, while preferring to get up and go for a 9am run at the weekend.

France were found to be the world’s leading distance runners, clocking an average of 9.1km, while Poland were the global pacesetters, averaging 6:22 min/km.

As well as distance and duration data, the findings showed that runners who receive and adhere to training guidance and incorporate heart-rate training experience a significant improvement in their performance.

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