Adidas ZeroDye Terrex Boa - designed to get dirty

New Adidas shoes are a blank canvas that tell the tale of every trail


As you can tell from the picture, these trail shoes certainly grab your attention – not because of the grip (excellent as it happens), or because of the fit (superb thanks to the Boa laceless closure), but more because of the eye-catching colour – white. No, make that very white. 

At this point, probably just about every trail runner on the planet is rolling their eyes in horror. White? What about mud, dirt and all the odd-coloured elements you encounter on that next outing? Well, that’s the point of these shoes.

Every pair of Adidas ZeroDye Terrex Boas come with an Instagram picture frame that you place the shoes behind after your run. You then shoot said white – or more likely formerly white – shoe and post the tale behind the freshly mud-spattered shoes to your followers. 

If that all sounds a bit 21st century, well then you’ll probably never want a pair. If, on the other hand, like us, it sounds like an interesting Instagram project, then they may just be the thing to add to your collection. You have to admit, the day they turn from pristine white to murky grey will be memorable. #HereToCreate

Available now to buy directly from Adidas

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