You should now be more than halfway through your #Run1000Miles in 2017 challenge, but how do you make sure you keep motivated to the end? #Run1000Miles ambassador Darren Onyejekwe offers his top five tips for how to keep up the pace when your motivation is flagging.

Run with a club

Arranging weekly runs with your friends or joining your local running club is a great way to ensure that you get out on the trails. Committing to regular meet-ups will help keep you accountable, as you won’t want to let your friends down, making it less likely that you’ll bail on your running plans. Also, it’s a great opportunity to catch up with friends and potentially make new ones.

Sign up to a race

Signing up to a race is one of the best things you can do to help you keep on track with your mileage, as it’ll give you a goal to work towards. The thought (or fear) of being unprepared on race day should be enough motivation to get you laced up and out the door. Also, you can use a training programme designed for your race distance to provide structure to your sessions.

Be more organised

I find that I’m more consistent with my running if I set myself designated days and times on which I run. If it’s in your calendar and you’re mentally prepared to run, you’re unlikely to back out of it. When I don’t know what days I’m due to run I end up wasting time and energy debating whether to hit the road or not.

Don’t over think it

If you’ve made plans to run, just get out and do it. Don’t worry about what the weather is doing or the work you’ve got to finish later – just lace up your trainers and get out the door. You know how good you feel during and after a run, so don’t let any excuses prevent you. I found running in the morning works best for me as I can just get up and go, which means I don’t have time to make up reasons not to.

Social media

I use social media in a couple of ways to help me stay motivated. The first strategy I use is stating in a post that I’m planning on running a specific distance on a certain day – I then feel obliged to actually stick to my plans, as I know someone is going to ask about the run and I don’t want the embarrassment of saying that I didn’t do it! Another good tip to use when your energy levels are feeling low is to view posts from your favourite fitness pages – like the #Run1000Miles page – as once you see everyone else training hard you’ll want to join in and clock up a few miles.