Inov-8’s origins and footprints remain firmly attached in the muddy British fells, today creating products for the Alps and Rockies to the Sahara.
To help you kick start your challenge, whenever that may be, there’s a shoe for every season.


Mudclaw 300 Neon Yellow Black Grey 7_preview.jpeg

April - X-CLAW 275 - £120

Want the best grip, but don’t want to compromise on cushioning? This is the shoe for you. While it has an aggressive outsole for soft and muddy ground, this shoe also features a Powerflow midsole to give you that cushioned ride. Superior comfort guaranteed for running over all soft terrain.


June – TRAILTALON 290 - £125

Finally it’s dry! Time to roll out the trail shoes. And what a pair these are. Carrying you in comfort over all varieties of trail, with a cushioned ride and great grip, the TRAILTALON is a big favourite amongst the inov-8 trail running ambassadors, including those tackling the world’s biggest race, UTMB (Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc).  


August – TRAILTALON 235 - £115

The ultimate lightweight racing trail shoe. Offering great flexibility and feel, plus the Dynamic Fascia Band technology thats gives you an extra kick of energy from every stride. You will barely notice you have these on your feet. Perfect for racing at speed on hard-packed summer trails.


October – X-TALON 212 - £105

An absolute off-road running classic.  Our number-one selling shoe, tried and tested around the world, and loved by all who run in it. Perfect for October conditions, where you are dealing with both muddy sections of trails when good grip is required to keep you upright and those drier, hard-packed sections when you need a comfortable ride.


January – ROCLITE 315 GTX - £145

Designed for any trail and mountain adventure. Three different rubber compounds on the outsole maximise grip and durability. New Invisible Fit Gore-Tex technology in the upper will keep your feet dry and is so light you won’t even know it’s there.

February – MUDCLAW 300 - £115

The best shoe for really muddy conditions, propelling you over the softest of terrains by delivering the ultimate in grip. Fierce 8mm studs claw into the mud and then quickly release it again to avoid any clogging of the outsole. Perfect for February runs when it’s more than likely to be wet, cold and muddy

March – X-TALON 230 - £115

The go-to shoe for fell runners just got even better! Featuring the new StickyGrip outsole rubber, this shoe delivers the best traction for running over soft and extreme terrain, no matter how steep the gradient. With great underfoot protection too, you will discover a new level of confidence.


May – X-TALON 210 - £120

It’s race season and the new X-TALON 210 is the out-and-out racers shoe – perfectly stripped-back to offer nothing but grip and protection. Whether its racing over the fells of the Lake District or the trails of the South Downs, you will barely know you have this shoe on. Go light, go fast!




July – PARKCLAW 275 - £125

This is the perfect shoe for those wanting to run on paths and trails and those transitioning to the trail from the road. Offering you road comfort but with an outsole that can cope with any park running, paths and trails. This is also a great shoe for those looking to hit the trails for the first time.


September – ROCLITE 305 - £125

It’s beginning to get cooler and wetter, but you never know what the terrain will be like on your run. It’s that time of year when the weather and underfoot conditions can be really unpredictable. However, the super-versatile ROCLITE 305 has you covered, with an outsole designed to cope with any possible terrain you may encounter.


November – PARKCLAW 275 GTX - £140

The bigger brother of the PARKCLAW 275 – this award-winning shoe packs a punch and was the first trail shoe in the world to use Gore-Tex Invisible Fit Technology. It gives you all the comfort and grip you would expect for road-to-trail running, but with a lightweight, flexible waterproof lining guaranteed to keep your feet dry.

December – ROCLITE 325 GTX - £150

The ROCLITE 325 GTX is our high-cut running/fast-packing shoe, giving you extra protection in the ankle area. The Gore-Tex lining keeps your feet dry while out in the wintry conditions, be those muddy fields or snow covered hills. The Roclite 325 GTX is the perfect companion for any adventure winter adventure in December.