Fri 2 – Sun 4 Sept 2016

Days 3 Distance 14, 19, 12 miles Ascent 1400m
Trails Very rocky, boggy, gravel paths Hills Undulating

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Vast, beautiful landscapes with scrubland, forest and pink granite rocks next to a clear blue sea

Every racer got the chance to test out Icebug shoes on any day of the event

The Icebug has a friendly atmosphere

The three days of racing gives a great sense of achievement

The chalet huts at Ramsvik holiday village

"The coastal trails beside transparent blue sea were fantastic" Editor Claire

"We finished the Icebug Xperience 2016!" Editor Claire, hubby Steve and bestie Kate cheer

Icebug Xperience

Fri 2 – Sun 4 Sept 2016

Cinnamon buns galore at every check point, pink granite coastline routes beside blue seas and enchantingly runnable forest paths. Surely this is the best way to see Sweden? I was back for this three day race in Bohuslan in the south west after my competitive side got away with me last year and I mistakenly plunged a leg into a deep draingage ditch, leading to stitches, a missed day and a limped final day's walk. This year I had unfinished business, but once again, the odds were against me and a boring long-term plantar fasciitisinjury saw me walk/jogging the race and cheering on my running friends as they hammered sweatily past, eyes fiercely concentrated on the sharp, rocky paths. However, this slower pace gave me a chance to actually take in the truly jaw-dropping Swedish scenery, especially the second day: sun-drenched beaches; crystal clear blue sea; sparkling pink granite rocks and, did I mention the cinnamon buns? The atmosphere at Ramsvik holiday village was fun, friendly and food-filled. The buffet each evening was often organic, local, allergy- and special diet-friendly, and very plentiful. After each race my injured foot benefited from us boiling in the free sauna then hurling ourselves, screaming, into the head-clearing sea. One evening there was a fascinating talk by Icebug Ambassador Marcus Torgeby who has just written a book about how he hermited himself away for four years in a self-made hut in the freezing forests of Jämtland. The following day we cheered as he tore past us. Perhaps hermitism should be on my next training plan...

Top 3 tips

1 Pace yourself
Rushing off energtically on the first day might feel great, but remember there are two more to go. Let the others rush off around you at the start, run at a pace you can sustain, then slowly chase them down.

2 Eat right
I may have mentioned the cinnamon buns a few times in the report above, but do take the time to stock up at checkpoints to keep your blood sugar and energy levels topped up. One mouthful of cinnamon bun to one mouthful of banana is a delicious and easily swallowed ratio.

3 Slow down, Look up
Not to mention the sea views you miss if you keep your eyes on your feet; keep your head up to look out for the pink ribbon that marks the route.