TRIED & TESTED – Bridgedale’s Trail RUN Ultralight T2 Coolmax Sport Socks

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Six TR readers have put Bridgedale’s Trail RUN Ultralight T2 Coolmax Sport socks through their paces.
Their conclusion? Universal recommendation…

We give so much thought to our running shoes but often neglect what goes inside them.

To this end, we set six Trail Running readers the task of assessing a pair of Bridgedale Trail RUN Ultralight T2
Coolmax Sport socks, on a variety of distances and terrains. The results just go to show that, with the right research
into exactly what trail runners need, you can create a product that meets with blanket approval. Here are the findings
of our test panel…


Loved the fit, durability, and the fact that his feet remained free of blisters throughout.

Applauded the level of padding and recommends them for dry terrain.

Instantly took them on the Yorkshire Three Peaks and was majorly impressed.

Noted they were comfortable from day one, and stayed that way after repeated washes.

Was particularly impressed by the durability and cushioning.

The self-confessed picky kit shopper was bowled over by the Bridgedales.

What do you look for in a trail running sock?

Keith: Comfort, fit, durability and god value for money.
Jon: A light, supportive, well-fitted sock with minimal movement inside the shoe.
Felicity: Softness, cushioning around potential hot spot areas, fun colours.
Mandy: Natural fibres and feeling.
Nigel: As most of my runs are fairly long, I look for a sock that won’t give me blisters, stays comfortable for the
duration of the run, and is going to last.
Victoria: Cushioning without being too thick, and breathability.

What did you like most about the Bridgedale Trail RUN Ultralight T2 Coolmax Sport socks?

Keith: Comfort and fit were great from first putting them on. Cuff was tight enough to prevent debris without constriction at ankle; no movement or rubbing even when wet or on very steep descents.
Jon: Well padded and a good height up the ankle.
Felicity: How comfy they are. I took them straight out of the packet and wore them to run the Yorkshire Three Peaks with zero problems! They washed well and kept their softness. They’re fast becoming my go-to.
Mandy: Super-comfy straight from the packet and felt the same after washing.
Nigel: The extra cushioning either side of the toes – normally an area that rubs on shoes and causes blisters.
Victoria: They had a good amount of cushioning but not so much that my feet got hot. I was pleasantly surprised by
their breathability.

How do they compare to other socks you’ve used?

Keith: Very well – I use a variety of brands, such as Inov-8, Enertor, Stance and Sealskinz waterproof socks.
Jon: There was a bit more stretch than in my go-to socks, so I might not wear them if I was expecting lots of wet or technical terrain that could cause sagging or bunching.
Felicity: Better! I prefer that these aren't ankle socks but come up higher.
Mandy: Really well. I’ve had too many pairs of socks that have felt awful on or lost their shape/comfort after an
outing in the hills. These didn’t!
Nigel: I have used other brands but they lack the durability of these.
Victoria: They compare really well to my favourite socks, and I am picky!

Would you recommend them?

Keith: Yes – they're worth the money. No blisters, snug-fitting and hard-wearing.
Jon: Yes, definitely for dry and less technical terrain.
Felicity: Yes. They’re very comfortable.
Mandy: Yes. Comfy, well made, and worth paying a bit more for as they last.
Nigel: I would recommend the socks to anyone who is looking to swap brands or try a different style. You won’t be disappointed!
Victoria: Yes, I would. They’re really comfy and have washed well.

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