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We all know trail running is a fun and challenging way to discover and appreciate the great outdoors, but you need to protect your feet


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Every run is a unique experience and every trail is different. But, whether you have been trail running for a while and are working towards your first ultra race, or you have decided to embrace a new challenge and are training for your first 5k, you have to look after your feet. Cold, wet, blistered feet will not only distract you from your run but can also be painful and uncomfortable. While a good pair of trail running shoes is a wise investment, an even wiser investment is a pair of Bridgedale’s trail running socks. Developed and tested on the trails over several years by a dedicated testing team, the socks in the company’s trail running range have seen many miles. One of Bridgedale’s testers is still wearing the same pair after 2000 miles! Designed with features including sport fit, natural toe spread, a zero debris cuff and toe guard, these highly ventilated and perfectly cushioned trail running socks will be the most comfortable and durable you’ve worn.


All in the detail

How Bridgedale’s socks are engineered to perfection


Supportive compression from the cuff through the arch and around the ankle and midfoot, which aids stability and improves balance.


Extended, close fitting cuff to prevent debris entering the sock.


Reinforced toe area to avoid splits, holes and blow outs when descending.


Wide and unrestrictive toe area allows toes to splay naturally.

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