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Get in rhythm with the new Aftershock Aeropex bone conduction headphones

Aftershockz, a leading brand in the world of wireless headphones known for their distinctive out-of-ear design, have released their most powerful generation of headphones yet - the Aeropex.

And yet with quality comes expense - the Aeropex headphones will be available online for £149.95 RRP, a hefty price for such a small piece of technology. Despite this, Aftershock are keen to display the product’s major improvements over its previous counterparts.

By way of illustration, the headphones are 30% smaller and sport a premium titanium frame, making them 13% lighter than the Trekz Air.

To further their appeal, they sport PremiumPitch2+ sound, which optimises their sound to increase their bass.

Moreover, a single charge will allow the headphones to gain eight hours of music play and call time. A two-hour charge will provide you with full playing time, but just 15 minutes will provide enough juice to get you through a long run.

Additionally, the Aeropex will be fully sweatproof and IP67 waterproof, meaning they can be submerged under a metre of water for 30 minutes.

This cutting-edge technology will be available from June 14 2019 in an array of unique colours: solar red, cosmic black, lunar grey and blue eclipse.

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The Aeropex specifically benefits cyclists…

These bone conduction headphones leave your ear canals completely open - allowing you to find the perfect balance between immersing yourself in your music and focusing on what’s going on around you, whether that’s your running partner, passers-by or cars.

The Aeropex is specifically designed to cater for many different athletes, and to support a range of different movements. These headphones can endure long and intense workouts, and ensure you wont have to worry about them falling out, allowing you freedom and enjoyment while exercising.

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