Cowal Way Trail

Sean McFarlane shares with us his 'DIY adventure' in south-west Scotland through the Cowal Way trail with trusty running partners Doug and Mike. Mentally aware that it would be challenging, Sean proceeds to run the whopping 114 miles over the two days he was there, facing many physical and mental barriers along the way. It was his drive and determination (and his running partners company of course!) that helped him pull through and accomplish through the never-ending exhaustion. Truly remarkable...

As well as indulging us with his motivational running story, Sean  gives us inspiration for other multi-day trails in England and Wales. From scenic landscapes to give you quiet moments of solitude to idyllic refuelling points to have a brew or two! You're bound to find one that interests you.

When going on a multi-day running trip, it's vital to pack the essentials. Sean stresses that refuelling is crucial; so, he advises on snacks and fluid to bring as well as the correct equipment all in a lightweight backpack. 

Fancy seeing how he got on? Or, perhaps wonder taking part in a similar adventure yourself? Read our next issue of Trail Running magazine out on July 12th.