5 hacks to keep you cool this summer

1. Upgrade your bed sheets

Many people swear by sleeping on sheets made from natural fibres, such as cotton or linen. This is because synthetic fabrics, such as silk or satin, don’t breathe very easy and cling close to the body - trapping in heat. Your choice of colour will matter too, dark colours will soak up any sun that comes in through your bedroom windows so opt for light coloured sheets.



2. Don’t be afraid to eat plenty of spicy food

Eating something spicy will make you sweat, therefore lowering your external body temperature. Cook using spicy chillies or mixes for something that is really going to make you sweat. It’s a pretty extreme option but if you enjoy spicy food and want to cool down get some curry in you.


The same applies for drinking hot drinks too. Try a hot cup of soup or tea instead, as this will cool you down much faster than an ice lolly or cold drink.


3. DIY air-con

An old trick but one that works. Creating homemade air con requires a fan and a couple of bottles of frozen or chilled water to put in front of it - you can also use a bowl filled with ice. The cold air that rises from the water and ice will be blown by the fan, making it twice as cool.


4. Make the freezer your friend this summer

When it comes to trying to sleep, those hot nights can become sticky and difficult to relax in, this why you need to make the freezer your friend. You can stick a small pillow or pillowcase, in a plastic bag then in put it in the freezer till you go to bed. For an even quicker fix, wrap a towel round an ice pack and take it to bed with you.


If your fridge freezer isn’t keeping things cool enough for you this summer have you considered buying a new one? Look into a brand such as Fisher and Paykel who have a great selection of fridge freezers specifically designed to keep everything cold  -using specialist technology to regulate the temperature every time you open the door.


5. Face mist

You can make your own cooling face mist with just a couple of ingredients. Add lavender, mint, rose oil or cucumber into a spray bottle and top it up with water. These herbs and cucumber have natural minerals in them that give off a cooling and soothing effect. Pop it in the fridge for 10-15 minutes and simply spray onto your face for a quick cool down on the go.


If you are struggling to keep cool this summer, try out one of our helpful hacks and enjoy summer the way you should.