We cover inspirational and informative stories of trail runners of every ability and there are plenty of avenues for your tale to be heard. We’re in the process of updating this page with some guidelines as regards what we’re looking for.


See below for more, but as a general rule, we will of course need good pictures to accompany all pieces. We cannot get our photographers everywhere, so we sometimes ask for your help. In all cases, please let us know the name of the photographer and let us know whether you have their permission for us to use them for free. We will need the original hi-res versions, please.



Do you have a favourite hill you like to run on? Perhaps it’s one with particular significance to you or one with a lot of history behind it. Is it where you did your school cross country? Where you grew up? A monster of an incline that gives you great satisfaction to conquer? Whatever the story behind “your hill”, send us 50-200 words explaining why and you could be in a future edition of Trail Running. Please also send a picture, ideally of you on the hill. Email


Trail running organisers are nothing if not innovative. Setting you off for 10km from a startline and clocking your time at the finish seems to be becoming rarer - these days a lot of events try to be different.

So what events would you recommend? Have you raced a train or a horse, perhaps, or had to run a vertical mile? Tell us on email why it was great in 2-3 sentences. A photo of you at the event would be great but, failing that, a decent running-mode snap should suffice.


Our regular column reports on “real runners doing the amazing”. Have you recently taken on a challenge you’re proud of? Don’t be shy - tell the trail running community about it! We’re looking for 50-60 words written in the first person and a small headshot of yourself. Please email


Do you have great trail running pictures you would like to share with our 20,000+ Insta followers? This could be a way for you to promote your photography, race, training camp, etc?

The best pictures are usually those with someone running on trails against a great backdrop - although something a bit different can often work well.

Ideally, send as many as possible at the same time via a file sharing method such as Dropbox.

Please be sure you have the photographers' permission for us to use them for free.

Please label each one with photographer's credit needed and, ideally, location. Also advise if there is any event, hashtag, account, etc to mention.



We’re always on the look-out for inspirational tales from the trails and we pride ourselves on offering something different to our readers. If you have an idea, please drop the editor a line and clearly tell us about the unique angle.

We would welcome stories about runners, trails, races, adventures and organisers which can inspire and inform others. The runners featured don’t need to be the fastest, but they do need to have an interesting tale to tell. In general these should be 1200 words as a maximum.