Why buy a windproof jacket? Why not just go straight in for a waterproof version - it's an instant upgrade, right? Well, only if it's raining. You see, waterproof jackets are great when the heavens open but their more rigid construction and taped seams aren't particularly breathable, so even on cool days you'll end up with a damper inside than outside.

So: windproof jackets. Perfect for spring and autumn running when you only really need to protection from a cold wind's bite. But how to know what to get? There's so many variables to consider: hood or hoodless; minimal size or more sturdy; loose fit or slimline, etc. That's where we come in: Jen & Sim Benson, top TR gear testers and running couple extraordinaires, have put in the hard yards trialling the best on the market, so you can make a more informed decision.