Why pancakes are great for runners

Here are a few reasons to indulge this Shrove Tuesday


by Trail Running |

Many in the UK will be enjoying the odd pancake or two this evening and, as we savour that simple but tasty mix of plain flour, eggs, milk and water, we’ll probably wonder why we’ll wait another year to have them again.

There are several reasons why they’re great for runners.

Plenty of carbs

Carbs are a runner’s friend. We need them for recovery. The recipe referred to below has 9.4g of carbs in each one and a 60kg person would ideally want about 60g to recover from a hard run - not that we’re suggesting you have six or seven of them instead of an evening meal!

They have protein too

With 3.1g of protein per pancake in the above recipe, it’s not far from the ideal proportion needed to help with recovery.

The calcium helps your bones

Calcium in the milk assists your bones in staying healthy, which is important for runners.


One pancake will give you about one fifth of the recommended daily iron intake for most adults, although runners tend to need more than most.

If you are concerned about calories, you could try this recipe for 66-calorie pancakes and top them with blueberries rather than jam or honey, remembering also not to have too many of them.

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