How to plan your training week

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Whether looking to complete our #Run1000Miles challenge or not, reacting to how you feel and other external factors is key

You may not know it, but when you start your training week, you’re embarking on a mini-computer programming course that takes in meteorological conditions, physiological response and even how busy your diary is.

Sally Gunnell, a lover of trails, but in this instance an Olympic champion and world record-holder, told us once she received a fortnightly programme from her coach then fitted the sessions in around how she was feeling, what the weather was like and any other commitments she may have had. It’s a great way to work, and an easy skill to learn that involves not much more than reporting back to yourself each day on how you feel.

If you feel sluggish, say, score yourself 1-3, middle of the road is 4-7, and amazing is 8-10. The last two are the easiest to cope with, and of course if you’re persistently in the 1-3 range, well then you might want to get yourself checked out! But, on the other hand, it’s not wrong to feel tired after a run. The key is to recognise that and adjust accordingly. Good luck and, above all, enjoy your training!

Your rolling plan

Fit in key elements on roughly an 8-10-day rolling cycle. Remember, though, this is not an exact science! Always take into account how you feel.


Great for power and great for form. Even 60 metres is long enough.

Tempo run

Roughly speaking run 20 minutes or so just below your 10-mile race pace.

Interval workout

Always include one interval session once a fortnight for maximum rewards.

Long easy run

Throw away your watch and run as you feel for as long as you like.

Strength and conditioning session

Great for improving mobility and helping with injury prevention.

How are you feeling?


In serious need of getting home, inhaling a pizza and flopping on to the sofa.


Felt better, felt worse. Enough energy left to cook something decent for dinner.


Considering another lap around the block before bedtime. And knowing you have plenty left in the tank.

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