How to plan the perfect running expedition


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Whether it’s a two-day running trip or a John O’Groats to Land’s End, more and more of us are deciding to make holidays out of running adventures. Tentbox ambassador Nick Butter, who has run around the coast of Britain in record time and also ran a marathon in every country on Earth – 211 different territories – is the ideal person to explain how you need to prepare.


“Consider the weather, the terrain, the lack of mobile phone service sometimes. Whether you’re going to be needing to take all your food with you, whether you’re getting that on the way, what kind of trails you’re going to be on... How do you charge your phone? How do you charge your watch? It’s those small things like taking a battery pack or an extension cable so you can charge it in a café.”


“Make sure you have the right footwear. That you’ve got extra pairs of socks... more pairs of socks than you think you’ll need.”


“If you’re going to be away for three or four days, are you planning to wash? If you are, take eco shampoo so you can wash in a river or a stream.”


“Try to make sure clothing and equipment can be diversified, so if it’s a big jacket then make sure that jacket has zips on the arms so you can take the arms off if it gets too hot. Double up your bits of equipment to limit how much you take, because you don’t want to lug things around with you.”

Be prepared

Although Nick says to try to limit what you take, that doesn’t mean to skimp. He adds: “I’d much rather take more stuff and carry it around than be at risk of either being cold or too wet.”


“There’s no point training for the wrong thing, which I think a lot of people make mistakes on. If you’re going to go on a 150-mile run over three or four days then train for that distance. And train on the right surface.”

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