You know you’re a runner in lockdown when…

How the pandemic is affecting our favourite activity

runner on path

by Trail Running |

By now runners in the UK are getting to lockdown, but that doesn't make it any easier. "Stay local" isn't necessarily what trail runners want to do and we long for the day when we can meet up with our running clubs, head to the mountains or take part in a race.

Many would say that running is the one thing that has kept them sane. For, while life over the past 12 months has changed so radically, we have at least been able to continue running. Going for a coffee or browsing for clothes is off the cards, so getting to leave the house to go for a run is even more exciting.

However, you may have noticed the following about being a runner during a lockdown:

  • Your laundry basket is 99% running gear because you're barely wearing anything else.

  • You dread days when it's so mild you can't wear a hat to hide your lockdown hair.

  • You wonder how the whole world is out exercising at the same time as you.

  • You have to look up the definition of "local".

  • Your idea of an exciting new route is doing it backwards.

  • You decide that when lockdown ends you're going to drive to the Lakes every weekend.

  • You delete your run from Strava in case Boris is following you.

  • Your bank statement is full of "CRs" due to race entry refunds.

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