World’s first hiking boot with adaptive ankle protection


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Advertorial feature with TERREIN

Revolutionary technology brand, Betterguards is transforming the outdoor footwear market with the launch of TERREIN; an innovative outdoor brand that has created the world's first hiking boot to limit ankle injuries.

Reacting three times faster than the human body, the TERREIN hiking boot which is designed for outdoor adventure sports such as walking, hiking and speed hiking, and has an integrated mini piston system which mimics the function of ligaments and muscles to guard the ankle from injury. TERREIN allows the wearer to focus on their outdoor experience without restriction.

Ankles are the most frequently injured area for hikers, accounting for 40% of all bodily injuries¹. Steep hills, slippery fields, precipitous woodland and unfamiliar terrain increase  stress on ankle  anatomy and elevate  the risk of painful twists and tears. In the case of a slip or a fall, adaptors inside the TERREIN hiking boot have been engineered to stabilise the ankle until muscle function activates. Muscles need 100 milliseconds to activate, in contrast to Betterguards’ technology which needs just 30 milliseconds to react.

Similar to safety belts used in vehicles, the hydraulic mechanism installed in Terrein boots has a sharp braking effect which mobilises based on speed and stiffens only in cases of dangerously   critical motion in the ankle. Wearers of TERREIN are able to take in the true beauty of hiking, enrich their experiences of nature and ensure they are not only focused on their feet, but   their beautiful surroundings as well.

Manufactured in Germany, Betterguards’ technology has undergone more than 11,000 hours of trials on athletes. Each and every adaptor is evaluated for safety and functionality in a rigorous quality control process.

The boot’s sock construction allows full freedom of movement, whilst the power adaptor is encapsulated in high abrasion fabric to ensure durability, increased comfort and breathability. Velcro® has been utilised to provide a customised fit for the wearer, and the outsole of the shoe includes a high grip rubber compound to generate maximum control during ascent and descent, with  a proprietary high side-wall outsole construction for greater traction.

Using exclusively European suppliers and manufacturers, TERREIN has been manufactured locally and responsibly, and the brand is developing a shorter, less complex supply chain which is ultimately kinder to the planet as a result of the reduction in carbon footprint. TERREIN is investigating how future models can be made using exclusively locally sourced recycled materials.

TERREIN is available to purchase in June 2022 in two striking colour ways, sand and turquoise. The boot can be purchased at at a RRP of £180 or € 220.

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