Why I love trail running … Jenson Button

No stranger to speed and pace, F1 ace Jenson Button is not only an incredible driver, but also an avid trail runner

Jenson Button

by Paul Larkins |

His number one passion, flying around race circuits at mind-boggling speeds, is obviously very intense and requires sky-high fitness, so it was no surprise to learn that off-road running has always played a key role in Jenson Button’s fitness regime.

“It’s great for fitness, whether you’re doing cardio work which is low heart rate or doing interval training which is basically what a lot of off-road running is because it’s never really flat. It’s a great way to clear your mind but also fantastic for reactions. You have to be on your toes the whole time, eyes on the trail, have to keep your wits about you and react to what’s in front of you, especially if you’re doing hard efforts. I love my trail running for fitness, but also because the terrain is forever changing, as well as the beautiful scenery. It’s lovely to be with yourself, your thoughts and enjoy what we have out there.”

Interestingly, he has also recognised that equipment plays a massive role. Clearly, as a driver he’s always understood where the power is coming from – his car – but more than ever he also says we all have to look the simple things – clothing – to make those small differences.

“Yes, Formula One is a massive team sport and you can’t win without a team, strategies, engineers, mechanics and the car itself. In terms of running, kit definitely makes a difference as well, especially in terms of comfort. When it comes to kit you need versatility, but first of all something that is comfortable. There are a lot of unusual movements you’re doing so you need comfortable kit and you never know what is around the corner in terms of the temperature changing, etc, so for me the Dare2b Power Up Jersey is the key product I would always wear on a run, because when it’s cold it keeps you warm and when it’s hot it does help you keep cool. It features a ‘Vect cool’ layer to accelerate the escape of body heat through an organic silicone coating, to cool by up to three degrees. Also, when you do sweat it doesn’t hold it at all, so for me this is the piece I will always take with me for a day on the trails. I usually run in long sleeves because, where I usually run, a few places are overgrown so it’s nice to cover your arms, otherwise you’re going to pick up a few scratches.”

His lifestyle means he’s been lucky enough to run on some incredible trails over the years, and it’s the variety that really draws him to venturing off the beaten track.

“A favourite trail run for me would be one I’ve not experienced yet. Trail running is all about exploring, I love running the trails in LA and Malibu – to be fair, on most trails I sometimes forget where I am! They are all similar in one way but different in another. They always feel quite new to me. I love travelling and going on trail runs and the Formula One calendars are great because I now get to go to races as a pundit rather than a driver and relax a little more. For me, the hills of Austria have been one of the best places to hike and run: beautiful scenery, very green. When I raced in Japan over the last couple of years, a lot of the circuits were in forests and a long way away from a town or city so I would get out and run and really enjoyed that ability to explore, to lose myself in the scenery.”

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