Trees not Tees launches into the US

Initiative to prevent race T-shirts ending up as landfill set for wider market

Trees to Tees

by Trail Running |

GB-based "green running" project Trees not Tees is launching into the United States.

The company behind the initiative, which facilitates the planting of trees in lieu of T-shirts as a freebie, has just partnered with a triathlon Stateside, while talks are well advanced with the organisers of running races.

Participants in the Typhoon Texas Kids Triathlon in September will be able to turn down a free T-shirt and instead support the planting of a tree, receiving a photograph and the GPS coordinates of the tree.

The project was co-founded by top ultra-runner Jim Mann, who believed too many free items of clothing given away at races end up as landfill.

Trees Not Tees currently owns four planting sites in Scotland, and will begin planting on sites in the US from 2022. Head of partnerships Chris Zair said: ‘Excitingly, at Trees not Tees we are set to launch our first reforestation project in the US in 2022, so beginning next year our partner events will see their trees planted much closer to home!’

Amid the success of Trees not Tees in the UK, the campaign is gathering steam elsewhere. The company say partnerships in the US with Orca Running and Evergreen Trail Running are in the pipeline.

Trees not Tees takes care to plant the right tree in the right place. They never plant on existing important habitats or on deep peat.

"The environmental benefit of planting a tree is huge," said Mann. "It helps us fight against climate change by taking carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, it provides a home for a diverse range of species, and it gives us clean air to breathe."

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