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Asturias is known to be a natural paradise and it sits perfectly in the heart of Green Spain

Turismo de asturias

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One thing Asturians are proud of is their region's nature: its mysterious forests and coastline left unscathed by the whirlwind of property developments, its salmon rivers and steep mountains, ideal for rock climbers and hikers. Asturias is home to 248 miles of the best-preserved coast in Spain with over 200 beautiful beaches. Arising from this pride is a magnificent conservation that has led to more than a third of Asturias' territory being declared as national and international protected areas and the best-preserved coastline in Spain.

The Picos de Europa's reserve was Spain's first National Park, protected since 1918. Rising up in the centre of this park is the Picu Urriellu, a real magnet for rock climbers, which then opens onto the Lakes of Covadonga. Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias is a Nature Park with totemic fauna including the brown bear and capercaillie. Within this park you will also find the Muniellos Forest Nature Reserve and El Cueto de Arbás Partial Nature Reserve. This are two of the seven UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in Asturias.

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Rural tourism

Rural tourism emerged in the 80s and has become widespread with the turn of the century. A wide range of accommodation is available, from hostels to hotels and houses. The Principality has two identifiable quality marks, "Casonas Asturianas", for boutique hotels of extraordinary architecture and "Aldeas" -Asturias Calidad Rural- for rural houses and apartments, a reference for unforgettable stays.

Museums and ethnographic centres are a perfect way to begin to get to know the essence of Asturias, which can also be felt in the everyday life in the towns, in the people who make an effort to maintain official traditions, in livestock and agriculture farming activity, vital to understanding the economy of this territory. A dense network of collections in museums all over Asturias that you can find at

Turismo de asturias
©Ruta lago de el valle

The cradle of rural tourism

Taramundi is real tourism hotspot. It is here in this small western municipality, home to artisan cutlers, spelt wheat bread, looms and leather, where Spanish rural tourism started. Its people, supported by local institutions and business owners, new how to turn its subsistence economy and towns on the brink of becoming abandoned into a real attraction for tourists who are drawn by its authenticity. The transformation of the old rectory house into an exclusive hotel was only the starting point. A whole economy based on natural resources has been built up around it, traditional crafts have been brought back. All of this has breathed new life into communities who up until then had no expectations for the future, becoming an example for the whole world. You must visit Taramundi with an open mind, remembering it past and enjoying its present.

Turismo de asturias
Escanciando natural cider ©Amar Hernandez

An unique cider

A truly comfort for heart is the cider, another one of asturian specialties. It lends its name to the Comarca de la Sidra (the cider region), where so many things may be visited and enjoyed through its villages, its people and its gastronomy. Beaches, so many beautiful, different, unique beaches all along the eastern coast and ports and seaside villages such as Tazones or Llastres. Try asturian “escanciado”, a way to serve pouring the natural cider to get its best oxygenation. You haven´t tasted any cider like asturian.

Turismo de asturias
©Ferreira santa eulalia de oscos

To find out more about Asturias visit [Tourism Asturias - Official Portal of Tourism of Asturias. ( ](http://To find out more about Asturias visit Tourism Asturias - Official Portal of Tourism of Asturias. ( )

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