Top ultra runner Galen Reynolds on how gait can be improved

Dragon's Back winner explains how a newly launched running dynamics system can help at all levels

Coros Running Reborn

by Trail Running |

We tend to accept that our running gait is set from childhood and that it should not be changed. To an extent, that is correct, but minor adjustments can be made which can be of benefit to runners who are seeking ways to make marginal gains.

Running performance coach Shane Benzie is a great believer in that and his input through his Running Reborn programme has helped several top runners improve their efficiency.

Now COROS, makers of GPS watches, have announced a link-up with Running Reborn which will enable all levels of runners to apply some of the techniques on their own.

Galen Reynolds, 2019 winner of the Dragon's Back Race - known as one of the world's toughest multi-day stage races, sought out advice from Benzie and was amazed by the results.

He told Trail Running: "I remember going out there and running and I thought I had a really good ultra shuffle and he looked at me and said, 'oh man, you’re running's like a train wreck!", which is good because it means you can improve.

"His theory is everyone’s got their individual style. He’s not trying to make you into a robot, saying do 180 [strides per minute] cadence. He’ll look at how you run specifically and make tweaks that likely benefit you."

The link with COROS means that all runners can take advantage of the same principles without direct attention from Benzie. COROS's wearable devices can track pace, distance and speed - as you would expect, but also stride ratio, length and height, form power, cadence, ground time, left-right balance and running power.

Reynolds explained: "You can sign up for a programme online, which while it’s not individualised, it does go over the pointers of the things that you could do to make more of an improvement in your running."

Benzie's scientific research, as well as product feedback, will help contribute to continual algorithmic improvements as well as to new features in upcoming COROS products.

He said: “I’m very excited to be teaming up with COROS and starting our journey together to change the way that runners think about Running Dynamics and how they utilise this information to be the best they can be. Thanks to COROS we are all privileged to be able to record our running data, our movement is like our fingerprint in that it’s unique to us so we must use our running intelligence to maximise our individual goals while taking into account the environments we are running in.”

Running Reborn captures more than 30 coaching techniques into short, easily digestible, video learning sessions. These sessions are designed to enable runners to easily understand running skills and give them guidance on how to practise them. Content will be regularly updated with articles, guest research, films featuring notable athletes, everyday-runner stories, and technique videos.

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