The top cities for running in Europe

London is the most runner-friendly of the continent's major conurbations, a study by Puma has shown

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London has been named as the best city for running in Europe by a team from Puma who analysed multiple factors.

The English capital came out above Dublin in second and Paris in third, according to data taking into account air pollution, temperature, traffic congestion, the number of running clubs, elevation, the amount of green space, and average elevation.

Edinburgh (5th), Belfast (8th), Liverpool (9th) and Manchester (10th) were also in the top 10. Madrid was ranked worst city for runners out of the 75 in the study.

Puma gave each city an index rating for the five factors and overall total to come up with the list.

The top 10 cities in Europe for running

Edinburgh was ranked best for air quality, with London fifth. Meanwhile, French cities such as Nantes, Lyon and Paris rated best for temperature.

Bucharest, followed by Dublin, are top when it comes to lack of traffic congestion as London ranked seventh on this. London was No.1 as regards to the index for the number of running clubs.

Unsurprisingly, Amsterdam and Rotterdam were rated kindest for runners when it came to the elevation index, with London 17th on this criteria.

Note: PUMA Europe’s independent data collection partner analysed a number of different variables across 76 different cities in a bid to identify the best European city for runners. All views expressed are not those of PUMA Europe.

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