The musical album designed to get you through a trail run

A pair of trail runners from Iceland have brought out a record they claim reduces your heart rate


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Two Icelandic musicians have produced an album of music inspired by the sounds of trail running and which they claim improves your performance.

Music For Trail Running/Endurance is a collection of six tracks with the background beat of footsteps hitting the trails. The 60-minute long record is designed to reduce your heart-rate and keep you motivated throughout the run.

Ólafur Josephsson and Samúel White, collectively known as 'S-Fit', noticed how relaxing the sound of their feet hitting gravel and volcano lava felt. They recalled: "This was something neither of us had paid much attention to before, both being used to wearing our noise-cancelling headphones with music blasting. This observation caught Samuel’s attention, as he was thinking the same being focused on enjoying the rhythm and sounds of footsteps, running at a steady pace of 6-7min per km. Both of us agreed that day, how relatively effortless the run had been despite us recovering from a challenging race. Later that evening, while studying our run via our devices as we normally do, we noticed that our heart rates had dropped to a lower BPM than usual. This made us think that it must somehow have been related to us not listening to our normal music, but rather concentrating and listening to our footsteps and soothing sounds of gravel."

S-Fit explain how the six tracks guide you through the trail run:

Track 1 - Meditation

Allow the initial steps and sounds to sink in, this will prepare you for your run, reducing your normal bpm and increasing your running endurance throughout your + 60-minute run.

Track 2 - Nature Spirit

Stop thinking about your run and focus on your surroundings, feel how the sounds interact with nature, this will calm you down while still keeping a steady pace

Track 3 - Cardio Strength

As you are now entering the 30-minute mark of your run, your mind is telling you to not overdo it. This mindset will increase your heart rate, don’t listen to your mind, focus on those footsteps.

Track 4 - Steady Pace

You are on autopilot and feeling the pleasure of your run, thinking you can do this for a long time. Feel the flow and keep concentrating on those footsteps.

Track 5 - Stay Active

Keep it up. You’re doing great. As you are approaching the 50-minute mark, you feel tempted to slow down. Don’t lose focus - concentrate and keep pumping those glutes.

Track 6 - Motivation Drive

Great work! You’re crushing it and getting closer to the end of your run. Why not give it that extra effort? There is no harm in pushing yourself during those last 10 minutes as long as you enjoy the effort.

The album is available on Spotify, YouTube and Bandcamp - see for details.

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