Survey reveals Brits’ motivations for running

Maintaining a healthy weight and reducing stress are the most popular reasons for running, reveals survey from Runners Need


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Given today is Blue Monday - allegedly the most depressing day of the year, new research showing 18% of British runners run for mental health benefits is appropriately timed.

A survey from running specialists Runners Need reports that reducing stress and anxiety is the second most popular motivation after losing weight (26%).

The online store's survey, which had 2000 recipients from across the United Kingdom, found geographical differences when it comes to our reasons for running.

For example, runners in England are less likely to cite socialising as a motivation. Runners in Wales are the most likely to run to raise money for charity (4%). Those in Scotland (15%) choose mental health the least of any of the home nations. However, for Northern Irish runners, mental health is higher on the agenda, with 29% of respondents there picking that.

Meanwhile, 70% of those who run to socialise are male. Further, 35-44-year olds are more likely to run to reduce stress and anxiety compared to all other age groups; those aged 65-plus are the least.

Runners Need survey
Maintaining a healthy weight was found to be the No.1 reason for why we run

The respondents averaged two runs per week and the most popular time of the day to run is apparently the morning. However, we appear to have more time in the evening - more than 25% of people running at night run 5k and 9% run more than 10k.

"Clear and crisp" weather was chosen over hot conditions, while 60% of men say that they would persevere through varying weather conditions, eclipsing the amount of women who would do the same.

Although 26% of respondents run without earphones, around 35% of those running over 5k listen to podcasts. Twenty per cent say they prefer to listen to the natural environment. However, as far as those who prefer to listen to music, rock was found to the most popular genre at 16%, compared to the least, which was jazz at 6%.

Runners Need survey
Rock is the popular form of music chosen by runners, according to the Runners Need survey

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