Running Up For Air returns on June 25

Running Up For Air

by Trail Running staff |

Runners are being encouraged to find an ascent near them to support the Running Up For Air initiative when it returns on June 25.

The Strava challenge, which supports non-governmental associations (NGA) raising awareness over clean air, involves running anywhere from one hour to 24 hours with at least 100m of ascent.

As it hits Europe for the third time, local runs will be held in collaboration with Patagonia’s retail stores. Meanwhile, individual runners will be able to arrange runs in their own time.

Running Up For Air was founded in 2012, in the Wasatch Mountains between Utah and Idaho, and supports organisations such as Friends of the Earth. Last year, it raised more than €20,000 for NGOs campaigning, educating and holding governments accountable for the health of the air we breathe.

Martin Johnson, Patagonia Trail ambassador, said: “Running Up For Air is an endurance challenge, involving running up and down a mountain or hill for anything between one and 24 hours, all in order to raise awareness of air pollution. This is an issue close to my heart, being a father and living in London, where we have some of the most toxic air in Europe.”

Jared Campbell, founder of Running Up For Air, added: “Since the event’s inception I have wanted people to not only ‘enter’, but to participate in the mission of Running Up For Air. This involves education, communication, and community. I encourage people to learn about air quality issues and think about the decisions they make daily, related to energy consumption and the associated pollution.”

Clean-air figures from Running Up For Air

  • According to the ClientEarth, 90% of people around the world breathe polluted air.

  • Every third death from strokes, lung cancer and chronic respiratory disease globally are caused by air pollution.

  • Air pollution is falling twice as steeply in cities in Germany where air quality litigation has been taken, compared with those subject to no legal interventions

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