#Run1000Miles – your questions answered

All about the yearly challenge that begins on New Year's Day


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What is #Run1000Miles?

#Run1000Miles is a free challenge launched by Trail Running magazine in which you try to run 1000 miles in 2022.

So, it’s Trail Running magazine. Does that mean it all has to be on trails?

No. While we expound the advantages of off-road running, it’s a form of exercise that has benefits whatever the surface (fire and water excepted).

I’m new to running. Do I have to run it all?

It’s great that you’ve taken up running. However, stepping up to 1000 miles (that’s 19.2 miles a week), can be a tall order, especially for newbies. It’s more important that you build up gradually, even walking some of the miles if you need to, than risking causing yourself injury.

What if I don’t reach 1000?

While we encourage you to sign the pledge, which will make you more likely to hit the target, we’re not going to hold a gun to your head. The only person you're answering to is yourself, bearing in mind your own limitations (and, okay, changing goals).

Is there a leaderboard?

No, you can run it at your own pace. We know some may reach the goal by April but you won’t feel any pressure if you need to take things more slowly.

Should I run 19.2 miles every week?

That would bring you to 1000 miles over the year but a precise 19.2 miles per week is unlikely to be your best plan of action. You could get injured or want to take a holiday break, for example. Aim to go at least a bit higher, just in case – but only according to your own background and experience. Check out our article on writing your own training schedule.

What do I get for signing up?

You’ll get a 15% discount for #Run1000Miles partners Sportsshoes.com, who will help get you kitted out for the trails, and three free digital issues of Trail Running magazine for all the advice you’ll need. You also get regular newsletters from our editor, Paul Larkins.

Can I link up with other #Run1000Milers?

Our Facebook group is a community of more than 7000 members, who have the common goal of trying to reach 1000 miles in 2022. Share tips, ask questions and post about your great experiences on the trails.

Do you have any #Run1000Miles-branded gear?

Our new version of the ever-popular Trail Running#Run1000Miles ruffis now out, priced at £9.99 (including UK postage). Use it to stay warm in winter or keep the sun off your head in winter.

Who sponsors the #Run1000Miles challenge?

We have linked up with some of the biggest brands to help make your journey an easier and more pleasurable one.Sportsshoes.com is your complete one-stop shop to get kitted out from head to toe.Bridgedale specialises in the best socks to look after the part of the body that will hit the ground 1.5 million over the course of 1000 miles.La Sportiva is the mountain clothing specialist covering everything from hiking to running to climbing.Forestry England cares for more than 1500 of the nation’s forests, which are a great setting for your 1000-mile journey, with some including specifically marked trail routes and races. As the outdoor endurance specialist,Montane is an ideal choice to see you through to the end of an enduring challenge with its innovative lightweight, long-lasting and breathable kit. Need ideas on new places to run? Ordnance Survey has thousands of uploaded routes on and off-road, which can be accessed using the OS Maps app. Meanwhile, Silva is there to light up your way with the best head-torches – because #Run1000Miles is a year-round challenge after all.

#Run1000Miles sponsors
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