Bridgedale Trail RUN Socks: Tried and Tested

Real reviews from Trail Running readers


by Hope Elkins |

Developed in the lab, but trialled on the trails, Bridgedale's Trail RUN socks get the seal of approval from eight real runners...

Testers - Michelle, Penny, Ben, Alison, Doug, Liv, Emma and David.

Testing - Bridgedale's Trail RUN Ultralight T2 Merino Sport Low


What do you look for in a trail running sock?

Michelle - Breathable but cushioned and low ankle height but not no show.

Penny - Comfort and durability. A sock that keeps being comfortable after many uses and washes and doesn't go hard. One which doesn't rub thin at the back of the heel or ball of the foot.

Ben - Comfort and breathability.

Alison - Cushioning, and feet that aren't too sweaty.

Doug - Definitely comfort is the key thing I look for in a socks, a good fit and of course a decent bit of protection in the key areas.

What did you like most about the Bridgedale Trail RUN socks?

Michelle - I liked how cushioned they were but how they were still breathable. I trialled them with a pair of new shoes and had no discomfort whatsoever.

Penny - They closely but not tightly fit over my foot, and particularly well over the ball ofmy foot, then they nip in just a tad before the toes which gives a really good toe 'box' without being at all loose. There was zero toe constriction.

Ben - I didn't notice them - the best compliment you can give!

Alison - The targeted cushioning around my bunions. I struggle to find socks that stop them from being rubbed but aren't too thick to make my trainers feel tight.

Doug - They offered a good deal of protection, looked smart and were very comfortable on runs of varying lengths.

Liv - They felt very comfortable, really cushioned - a bit like I was wearing new trainers! The difference between the different comfort zones is apparent and work really well.felt comfy, cushioned; like I was wearing new trainers!

Were the socks comfortable for the duration of your run?

Michelle - Yes, I had no issues on a 10-mile trail.

Penny - Absolutely. The slightly thicker weave under the ball of my foot and around the heel meant my feet felt cushioned, even on the road. The socks didn't move at all.

Ben - Unbelievably so.

Emma - Yes, they were perfect!

Were you aware of the Zero Debris Cuff? Did it work?

Liv - I had read about the cuff, and noticed the socks sat a bit higher than other branded ankle socks. I quickly got used to it but the cuff could be a bit tighter for my personal preference. I didn't pick up and debris but then I rarely do.

Doug - I wasn't aware beforehand but I certainly didn't notice any dirt or debris making its way into the socks.

Alison - Yes, I hate low cut socks where you feel like they might slip down or let little stones in, but I don't want them half way up my calves. These are just right.

Emma - No, but it did work - absolutely nothing got into the socks while I was running.

David - Yes... and yes!


What did you think to the design of the socks?

Penny - They work really well for me. The slightly thicker weave across the forefoot gives a bit of extra padding but isn't too thick as to make it tight in the shoe. The cuff really sits up well so it doesn't have to grip to stay in place and the shaping around the heel meant the socks didn't move at all and the slightly thicker weave is always welcome on the heels.

Alison - The design is really attractive and they are a great colour. You can tell they have really thought about where the most cushioning is needed and where not so that the socks don't feel bulky.

Emma - I like the length of the socks, not too short, perfect for warmer weather. Also liked the cushioning, so comfy to run in!

David - Well made, didn't rub on my achilles.

How do the Bridgedale Trail RUN socks compare to other brands you've used?

Ben - By far and away the best running socks I've used - trail or otherwise!

Doug - I noticed the Bridgedale Trail RUN socks were comfier than my normal 'go to' running socks. They were a little on the large side and I felt my regular running socks have a slightly better fit but I'm hoping after a good few washes they will shrink a bit and have a nicer fit. Perhaps I will try the next size down as they may be a better fit because I fall in between the two size ranges.

Liv - They've made me realise how uncushioned my old socks are, despite supposedly being designed in a similar way!

David - Better

Would you use the Bridgedale Trail RUN socks again? Why?

Michelle - 100%. With trail shoes you lose the softness of road shoes, so having a sock that offers it really appeals to me as I like a bit of comfort especially on the long runs.

Ben - Yes - because of the comfort and fit.

Emma - Yes!! Will definitely be buying more! The quality is brilliant, they are so comfy to wear and feel amazing.

David - Yes, better fit and good length, came over the achilles without going right up my calf.

Are there any changes you would make to the socks?

Alison - None at all, although I suspect that a lot of people might object to the price of them. However what price do you put on not having to worry about your feet getting rubbed and sweaty on long trail runs?

Doug - A slightly different size range would be nice to see. If like me you fall in the middle of two range (6-8 & 9-11) then socks tend to be slightly too small or slightly too big so an 8-9 size would be a nice addition.

Liv - I'd prefer the cuff to be a bit tighter and for the socks to end a bit lower but that's personal preference. It certainly wouldn't put me off buying another pair!

Emma - None! Other than lots more colours!

Would you recommend Bridgedale Trail RUN socks to other trail runners?

Michelle - Yes absolutely!

Ben - Absolutely

Alison - Yes definitely, I'll be stocking up now in case they ever get discontinued!

Emma - Yes definitely! Already have!

David - Yes

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