When life gets in the way

Guenevere Bone's latest words of inspiration as our #Run1000Miles ambassador


We all experience times when it's either difficult or impossible to run when we want or as much as we want. For me, part of my thinking in joining the #Run1000Miles challenge last year was that having a concrete goal would motivate me to get out the door, even for just a short one-mile run, when life was trying to get in the way.

It worked. And it continues to work. That said, life has got in the way rather a lot this year for me so far. I’m behind where I’d hoped to be in mileage by the start of May, but I am not disheartened. The spring and summer months to come promise much longer days that will be greener and flowerier. One of my recent "life getting in the way" events served as a potent reminder of how lucky I am to be able to run. And so I am writing this blog as a reminder to myself that goals are important because they give me something to work towards and also that sometimes goals need to be jiggled and re-adjusted a bit. And that running gives me joy. And so also do the bits between the running.

I stopped to admire a tiny little hummingbird on a recent run. A man stopped to admire it alongside me and we had a short chat. I ran off but then spotted a bald eagle and stopped to admire it. The man caught up to me and as he walked past me called out, ‘It’s a safari!’ as he threw his arms up in the air. Possibly he was making fun of me, but he was absolutely correct: Part of the joy of running for me is the safari. Maybe I’m really just a nature lover who likes to run between sites.

I like to think I’m learning when to fight life getting in the way and when to just let it win for the day. And I’m grateful that running is part of my life.