The heat is on

The hot weather sees #Run1000Miles ambassador Guenevere Bone up against it in meeting her own personal target, but there's still plenty to enjoy

Guenevere Bone - attempting 2018 miles in 2018

Guenevere Bone - attempting 2018 miles in 2018

It’s summer! Proper summer as I remember it from when I was a kid. There is two-fold meaning to this because it is both properly "hot" hot – by my own unscientific proclamation, this means hovering around 30C for more than a week and encouraging of the desire to jump through a sprinkler – and also I am back visiting, for the summer, where I grew up: the South-West coast of British Columbia. From what I understand, the British weather turned to proper summer moments after I departed, so I feel I’m still writing on-topic.

I find that, unlike in my thirties, I have absolutely no desire to run mid-afternoon when the temperatures are sweltering. Luckily, since then, I have become a morning runner -a staunchly reliable morning runner. I grew up in a beautiful environment and I spent a lot of time climbing trees and wandering aimfully along creeks and lakes nearby where I lived. As a trail runner, I am now discovering places I never ventured to as a child, yet they feel incredibly familiar because the bouquet emitted by the flora and fauna is like an Aroma-Tardis to my childhood explorations.

The hot weather has made the mountainous forest floor springy in places and dry, dusty, and skiddy in others. It’s a joy to run on technical trails so close to my doorstep and nature’s trail snacks are re-appearing after a long winter: berries. I recently re-discovered the Thimbleberry. I couldn’t remember if it was edible, or not. Turns out, it is.

I’m also finding my hill legs. Having lived in Norfolk for nearly 14 years, my regular running includes very little elevation change. I found myself sweating profusely on a particularly vertical climb – utterly un-runnable for mere mortals – which made for a nice cooling sensation when I finally reached some more undulating ground and was able to pick up speed.

I’m woefully behind my target for this year. Having completed the #Run1000Miles in 2017, I set a target of 2018km for this year. But it’s been a difficult year and I have gone to great lengths at times to fit in runs, and at others watched my mojo sprinting away from me, laughing all the way. This said, without this challenge and the amazing humour, advice, and support of the #Run1000Miles Facebook group, I’d undoubtedly have fewer miles under my belt.

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