Stick to the task

#Run1000Miles ambassador Sophie Ruffles on how to stay fit and motivated between races

sophie ruffles 1.jpeg

The last few months have seen some big miles from me in my training for the Manchester Marathon. The training and hard work paid off as I took nine minutes off my PB and finished in 3:44. I managed to do a lot of my training on trails to increase my strength and mobility but ran my interval sessions on the road or hard-packed surfaces so I could maintain some speed and to avoid slipping around in all the mud this long winter has given us.

When I first started running 10 years ago I would train for a race and, once that was over, I would lack the motivation to run for a while until I signed up for the next challenge. However, by that time I had lost my fitness gains and had to build it up again.

Since I took up trail running a few years ago, I have been running more consistently, motivated by the sheer joy of running new routes, enjoying how regular routes change with the seasons and getting away from the roads. Running has become almost a habit. It takes me out in the fresh air at lunch time, brushes off a stressful day of work and kicks off the weekend with possibility.

If you’re still trying to find your running path, the #Run1000Miles challenge can give you the extra motivation to keep getting out of the door regardless of whether you are actively training for a race. Now that my big race is over, I’m loving being back out on the trails, running for the sake of it, enjoying the spring flowers and occasional sunshine. It gives me time to start thinking about the next running goal.