Run your own 1000 miles

Go at own pace, says #Run1000Miles ambassador Matt Armstrong


Run "your own" 1000 miles is probably the best thing to say at this point. We are on our way now in January and there will be a few who have totalled up a fair few miles already and if it were a race they would be out of sight, but it is not a race. 

By the end of week one I’d done 25.4 miles and I know that the 0.4 is important. I have been recovering from some injuries and didn't run much at all in December, having used it to rest, strengthen and do the necessary physio.

After finishing joint ninth in the Ultra Great Britain 200-mile coast-to-coast race in August last year I’ve needed more time than I thought to start to feel really strong again. But I’m glad that I have had time off, and I am raring to get going again for the year as I love to run long and go ultra.

Having taken part in 2017, I know that #Run1000miles 2018 will be a great challenge and everybody involved will be doing it at their own pace. If at times you can only get out and run one mile, then run it. In 2017 I squeezed in 32 one mile runs at lunch time or just after work.

·      Run ‘your own’ 1000 miles – but be part of the group for support (The Facebook group is great - ask questions and you will find loads of support and advice).

·      Take the pressure off yourself – just get out and do what you can. If you’re injured, wait and start when you can.

I only did my first trail race two years ago and I am so glad that I did. I haven’t looked back since. My next race if all goes well with recovery is the Rombalds Stride Winter Challenge, which is a 23-mile route on some of my local trails on February 3. It is put on by the 15th Airedale Scouts and is part of the Long Distance Walking Association events. It is low-key, doesn't cost much to enter there is a meal at the end - result.

I’ve totalled up my expected race and event miles for 2018 and it was a surprising 1122! But 2018's miles still have to be run and strengthening and conditioning are going to be vital, especially for my core, knees and ankles. I’m 40 and not getting any younger but I am enjoying the trails even more.

Let’s enjoy this 1000 miles journey together.