Monday magic


Latest update from our #Run1000Miles ambassador Paul Turner

Ah, Mondays! Love them, or hate them, they’re the start to a new week and can be the driver behind whether it’s going to be a good week or a bad one. From a running perspective, I actually like Mondays. They are the day after my weekly long run and dictate whether it’s going to be an easy recovery run, or a quicker pace to start the week with a bang! Monday September 10 was more special than most – but more of that shortly...

My wife has been amazing in supporting my running – from my initial foray into 10k’s, through half-marathons, marathons and now ultras. However, through all this she has always maintained running is “not for her”. That all changed earlier this year when she managed to get a place for the Great North Run. Since February, she’s been training and building her endurance, and yesterday she completed the Great North Run in under three hours! A fantastic effort and emotional journey, which I am proud to have been a part of, helping her with advice, coaching and support in the race

Asked whether she would run another, “never!” was the strong reply (to be fair, that’s what I said after my first half!). However, she has said that she'll continue running and stick with 5km or 10km distances. Another convert! Hopefully, our walks in the countryside will turn to runs in the future. As a great philosopher once said: “It’s so much friendlier with two...”

For me, now that we're through the GNR, I need to get back to the trails. The Warrington Way 40-mile ultra is upcoming in November and I’m hopeful I can come in under my 8:30 time from last year. All in all, 2018 has been good so far – now is the final push to make it my best running year so far.