Hitting the #Run1000Miles target already

Paul Turner celebrates hitting the 1000 miles with a run taking in three countries

Paul Turner celebrates hitting the 1000 miles with a run taking in three countries

Challenge ambassador Paul Turner asks, "what next?" after reaching the milestone before halfway

When getting close to the 1000-mile target, I happened to be travelling on business during the final run to take me past the total. It was too good an opportunity to miss - running through three countries (France, Germany and Switzerland) in one run. The actual 1000-mile point was right outside the company HQ too - the last time I’ll be there, as I’ll be leaving for a new job soon. How perfect is that?

So, I’ve finished. What now?

Of course, there is no real “end” when it comes to running! Anyone who has committed to run a significant distance, over the course of a year, has signed up to a lifestyle change - not a one-off challenge. Rather, the completion of the challenge is an opportunity to reflect on the achievement and set new targets. For, how are we to learn and improve, if we don’t recognise our mistakes?

For me, this year has been generally good. I have been injury-free throughout 2018, which is the main reason for being able to achieve the target now. This has been due to training at a slower pace and listening to my body. I’m finally coming to terms with training for racing, not racing in training!

The one setback was my performance in a recent marathon. The warm weather really hit me hard in the second half, preventing a sustained pace and not setting a PB. However, that setback is strongly countered by my successful completion of the L2M Ultra: 50-miles in just over 10 hours. It was hard (understatement!), but so satisfying an achievement. 

So my calendar for the second half of this year is currently looking pretty sparse. I am helping my wife do her first half-marathon in September and I have an ultra in November. Apart from that I’m going to keep plugging away at the miles and improving overall fitness and form. I think #Run2000miles is achievable this year and that would be a 33% increase in last year’s total, so consistent improvements year-on-year!

Good luck to all as you reach the halfway point. Make the second half of 2018 a strong finish!