Break down the barriers

Every mile counts, says #Run1000Miles ambassador Sophie Ruffles

sophie ruffles.jpeg

Wow, we’re already one month down in this fab challenge. Hopefully, like me you’ve been motivated to run off some of the Christmas excess and hit the trails. I already have over 100 miles, a 10th of the challenge, ticked off, which has been fairly easy as I am training for a marathon in April.

I completed the challenge last year by November. It was easy to get the miles in at the start of 2017 with my first ultra marathon, Race to the Stones, to train for. Once that race was over in July, I was grateful for the #Run1000Miles challenge to keep me motivated. It wasn’t always easy as I have a now nearly two-year old son, a full-time job with a two-hour commute and a husband that works shifts. 

I am lucky enough to have a running buggy, which means I can continue to run when I have no childcare. Over 300 of last year’s miles were with my son and buggy, which made those miles all the more special. 

We all have reasons not to run - work, children, tiredness. Injury and illness aside, this challenge is all about breaking down the barriers and getting outside for a run little and often - a couple of miles with the buggy, a quick 5km in my lunch break, a few miles to wind down after a hard day, a jog with the dog rather than a walk. It all counts. 

So use this challenge as a nudge to get out of the door as often as you can. No matter how far you go, all those miles count. Enter a race if it motivates you, the training will add extra encouragement. The beauty of this challenge is that even when that race medal is hung up, you still have a reason to run, and a brilliant community of like minded runners to share the journey with. Happy trails!