1000 Miles - 1000 reasons

#Run1000Miles ambassador Guenevere Bone reflects on her reasons for undertaking the challenge

As I began this challenge, I found myself reflecting on the reason I joined #Run1000Miles in December 2016 and why I'm doing it again this year.

trail running r1000m logo 2018.jpg

Let me tell you about a ritual I developed back in October. I found a pine cone in the middle of my path on a really good run day. I picked it up, put it on a fence post and took a picture of it. I love pine cones. But then I found I was looking for the pine cone – always finding it on the ground less than two feet from the fence post – and replacing it on every run. I’ve been doing this now, three or four times a week, for the past three months. Odd? Perhaps. Okay, definitely. But it occurred to me today mid-run (as many very important things and many more not-at-all-important things do) that the cone falling downing and me putting it back was a bit of a metaphor for the year I had in 2017.

Running 1000 miles in 2017 was a highlight and a proud achievement, particularly as I managed it despite everything else that was going on. I found that running on trails means more to me than just running because I get an extraordinary degree of enjoyment out of the natural environment: trees, birds, squirrels, horses, cows, sheep, dogs, fresh air, sunshine, rain, hail, gloomy-grey clouds - all of these things matter to me as much as the run. All of these are part of the run. 

So what I think I’m trying to say is: it’s a journey. It’s a different journey for everyone. And each run is a different journey. But it all adds up to far more than just having your fittest year ever and I am looking forward to seeing what 2018 brings for us all.